Illustrated & Fine Art

All paintings shown are one of a kind and customized to order. Please contact me for more information, as prices vary.

Dedicated to the memory of my father, John J. Sirica…a man of unwavering character, integrity, and honor.
20×20 Custom Portrait
“Grand Tetons” – 18×24 painting



“By the Sea”
18×24 Painting


“The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow”
24×24 painting


“Sunset on Seabrook”
12×24 painting


“Sassy Sunflower”
20×20 painting
“Buddy’s Bulldog”
24×24 Painting


Peace Angel
12×12 painting



“OWL Always Love You”
10×10 paintings

“Love you to the Moon & Back”
12×12 painting



“Pink Paris”
48 x 48 painting



“The Giving Tree” – Shel Silverstein
20×16 painting


“Whatever you are, be a GOOD one.” – Abraham Lincoln
4×12 painting



“Amazing Grace…” – John Newton
12×24 painting


ryleigh may benjamin liam

Custom Designed Name Paintings


10314638_651118848316268_2180509550018846131_n photo

Personalized Mattes