Special Events

“Honor”, a portrait in memory and honor of my father John Joseph Sirica, was a joy and labor of love to create.

John Sirica was born on March 19, 1904 and passed away on August 14, 1992. He served as a Federal Judge on The United States District Court in Washington, D.C., from 1957 to 1986, and presided over The Watergate Trial. He was most notably remembered for forcing former President Richard Nixon to turn over the Watergate tapes. Dad’s ruling was unanimously upheld by The United States Supreme Court, and led to the president resigning from office.

Our father believed in the rule of law, held the president accountable for his actions and chose country over party. He was a man of unwavering character, integrity and honor on and off the bench.

On December 4, 2018 part of my family and I had the privilege of presenting and donating “Honor” to Chief Judge Beryl Howell and the U.S. District Court. Dad’s portrait is now hanging outside of his former chambers.

On behalf of our family, we are sincerely thankful to the entire court for accepting this gift as a tribute to our father…and for a day we will never forget.

“Honor” – 28×28 Custom Portrait in honor and memory of John Joseph Sirica 
Presentation of “Honor” to Chief Judge Beryl Howell (right) and the United States District Court of Washington, D.C. 
Part of my extended family- from left to right- Chris Kane (my brother in law), Tricia Kane (my sister), me, John Joseph Sirica III/Jackson (my nephew and one of Dad’s nine grandchildren) and Robert Ruyak (Dad’s former law clerk and close family friend)
Pictured with the U.S. District Court judges who were part of the presentation- from left to right- me, Judge Amit Mehta, Chief Judge Beryl Howell, Judge Trevor McFadden and Judge Thomas Hogan